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Blackley Constructions’ staff trenched 389 metres along Princess Street at approx 1metre deep and removed the existing live sewer pipe and laid a new PVC pipe using a grade laser to ensure correct fall on the pipes. There were 4 manholes that also required replacement along this trenchline of varying sizes. The fall on this pipe was very slight and required close attention to ensure that the pipe line continued to flow.

Work was made more challenging due to the shallow wastewater pipe having other shallow services within close proximity and lateral connections that were encased in concrete.

As with all jobs involving hazardous and biological waste Blackley Constructions’ Enviromental and Health and Safety procedures were paramount for our staff while carrying out this work.

Key features of the work and/or statistics:

  • Dig, lay and backfill 389 metres of sewer main 150mm PVC
  • Remove 4 x existing manholes and install 4 x new manholes
  • Dig, lay and backfill 16 lateral connections

Key equipment used:

  • Hydrovac Truck
  • Trucks – various
  • 5T Excavator
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Railway Road Stormwater1
Railway Road Stormwater2

This job involved trenching on a diagonal across a busy main arterial route into Palmerston North. Due to the angle of the trench Stop/Go traffic mgmt was employed to manage the traffic and the safety of Blackley staff.

It was critically important that the grade of the new stormwater pipe was 100% accurate as the client would continue the trench at a later date themselves inside the property boundary to meet with a manhole already installed 100m away. Engineers from Stringfellows worked closely with Blackley staff that were undertaking the work.

The depth of the excavation meant that a 13.5T excavator was required along with heavy duty metal shoring that had to be lifted in and out of the trench to ensure staff safety during the laying of the pipe and during compaction. Confined space entry procedures were put in place for entry into the existing manhole due to its depth.

Wet ground conditions from inside the client property provided some challenges once excavation started into the berm and past the property boundary but staff worked diligently throughout the entire project to ensure the work was completed within 1 week and that normal traffic flows were restored as soon as possible.

Key features of the work and/or statistics:

  • Install 300mm diameter concrete stormwater pipe across Railway Road (approx 30m)
  • Laid to specific grade to connect with future duct line and sump 100m into client property
  • Trench 3.3m deep x 1.2m wide

Key equipment used:

  • 5T Excavator
  • 2-3 x 12Tonne Trucks
  • Safety Harness & Tripod
  • Grade Laser
  • 3.0mx 2.5m Metal Cages with adjustable struts (Safety Shoring)
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kimbolton project3
kimbolton project1
kimbolton project
kimbolton project2

This project was located between Feilding and Cheltenham along Kimbolton Road (SH54). This project started on schedule as agreed with the client and finished three weeks ahead of schedule and under budget.

There were several drain crossings that we had to contend with, however with a robust Environmental management plan in place this enabled our crew to work efficiently through these obstacles.

Key features of the work and/or statistics:

  • We open trenched and laid approximately 8.6km of new 33kV single core 185mm2 ALI XLPE UG power Cable (tr-foiled) by a combination of two methods which were chain trenching and open cutting (excavator)
  • For this project we also installed lV 150mm PVC power ducting and 80mm PVC ducting, which was utilised to secure new cables to the side of existing power poles

Key equipment used:

  • Morooka (track truck)
  • Interdrain Rock Chain Trencher (20T)
  • Massey Ferguson Tractor c/with cable jinker
  • 11.5T Excavator and 7T Excavator (Kobelco brand) Hydro Vac Truck
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To carry on from our Wellington Stadium success, we successfully tendered the construction of the turf areas for the Manawatu Athletics Track at Massey University. We once again were able to work closely with the Consultant (NZ Sports Turf Institute) and Head Contractor (Higgins Contractors Ltd) to produce an all soil profile to International Standards and are again very proud of the result.

We have also completed a number of smaller projects for councils and school playing fields, such as:

  • Fitzherbert Park Oval Palmerston North – Drainage design and build, wicket block construction, including irrigation
  • Ongley Park, Palmerston North – Drainage design and build
  • New Plymouth Boys High School – Drainage of rugby field
  • Russell Street School, Palmerston North – Drainage design and build
  • Feilding Agricultural High School – Design build
  • Manawatu Racing Club – Track drainage
  • Scotts College – Drainage and irrigation

Key features of the work and/or Statistics:

  • Drainage, irrigation and soil profile (playing surface) construction
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We have been involved in sports field development for many years.

At the Stadium, we initially installed subsoil drainage, then we got involved with earthworks and finally our ability to be innovative won us the contract to construct the playing surface at the WestpacTrust Stadium in Wellington.

This was a major contract for the company using a design philosophy that had not been constructed on a project of this size before in New Zealand. We were able to work closely with the consultant (NZ Sports Turf Institute) and the head contractor (Fletcher Construction Ltd) to produce a sand over gravel profile to International Standards with an end result we could be (and still are) very proud of. Many staff members put in long hours and hard work to produce the results.

Key features of the work and/or statistics:

  • 7930 tonnes of Merricks sand
  • 2800 tonnes of drainage gravel
  • 2100 metres of 110 mm drainage pipe
  • 120 cubic metres of zeolite
  • 90 cubic metres of Patumahoe clay
  • 900 kg of grass seed
  • 1200 kg of fertiliser
  • Contract value $773,915
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New Project (21)
New Project (20)
New Project (19)
New Project (22)

Key features of the work and/or statistics:

  • Installation of the “Intelligent Transport System” (ITS), this is the new method of communicating traffic volumes, automatic reading of number plates and weighing of vehicles. Once completed and the new expressway is functioning, this information will automatically feed to weigh stations and control rooms in the region, allowing the vehicle identity to be displayed on electronic boards if required to be stopped
  • Ducting for lighting and or any local road electronic control
  • Subsoil drainage to carry ground water away from the sub base of road included.
  • Blackley’s are also installing the ITS junction boxes, rodding eyes for the subsoil drains and core drilling through concrete wingwalls for the subsoil outlets
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