RURALWhitelock Land Drainage & Water Supply

Survey the new block and develop a paddock design, stock water layout and drainage design for the area. Install the stockwater pipe at 1.5m deep and then install the drainage system over the top. We also installed 374m of 450mm dia pipe along with two 4.5m deep 1200mm dia manholes so an existing open drain could be filled in. Other contractors were used to construct the open drain which required approximately 20,000m3 of earthworks.

Key features of the work and/or statistics:

Full RTK GPS survey of the site and the design of the layout. Major earthworks required for the retention drain which required Council approval.
Pipe grades and depths were designed across the whole area so that all new work would be at a suitable level for future drainage work.
Culvert under road lowered 500mm to accommodate the drainage of a low basin 1.5km away.
The installation of a 450mm pipe 5m deep, 20,000m of various sizes of land drainage pipe and 4500m of 63mm greenline water supply pipe.

Key equipment used:

  • Kobelco SK210 and SK115 excavators
  • Mastenbroek 2015 Chain Trencher
  • Interdrain 1515 Chain trencher
  • Marooka Backfill trucks
  • Loaders
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Braeden Whitelock
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213 Stoney Creek Road, RD10, Palmerston North, 4470

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