Number of turbines Turbine capacity Blade length Tower height
29 2.0MW 39m 67m

Project White Hill was an exciting project to work on due to it being the first wind farm to be built in the South Island of New Zealand. The combined wind farm capacity (58MW) generates enough electricity to power approximately 30,000 New Zealand homes annually.

The project’s location meant that environmental care was required – with certain areas being fenced off, as well as topsoil and red tussock being saved for later replanting (ref 1). As a part of the replanting, three time capsules from local Mossburn schools were planted as well, with children visiting each year to learn about environmentally sustainable energy.

This project saw the existing 14km of tracked widened, and a further 10km of wide tracks constructed for the heavy machinery that install the turbines to travel through.

Overall, we were happy to establish the first wind farm in the South Island that supplies renewable energy to power tens of thousands of homes each year.

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