Number of turbines Turbine capacity Blade length Tower height
62 2.3MW 40m 67m

Project West Wind, installed in 2009, is located in Makara, west of Wellington city, New Zealand.

The project generates a significant amount of electricity, powering approximately 73,000 New Zealand homes annually. This electricity generation could power the homes of Wellington City, Porirua, and the Lower Hutt region.

The wind farm is strategically positioned to catch the funnelling effect of the Cook Strait, providing strong, consistent wind speeds. This makes it one of the best performing wind farms across not only New Zealand, but also the globe.

In fact, the wind farm performed so well, that when an electrical issue with a Wellington substation occurred in 2009, the wind farm’s generation was enough to keep the lights on until the substation was fixed.

The site proved difficult to navigate, as you can expect, the roads were narrow and winding. Not only that but public transport would also have proved to be an issue to navigate around. Therefore, turbines were shipped from Picton and delivered to the Cook Strait, and from there transported to the wind farm site.

The wind farm also has public access, allowing interested visitors to check it out.

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