CivilPahiatua Princess Street Sewer Replacement

Blackley Constructions’ staff trenched 389 metres along Princess Street at approx 1metre deep and removed the existing live sewer pipe and laid a new PVC pipe using a grade laser to ensure correct fall on the pipes. There were 4 manholes that also required replacement along this trenchline of varying sizes. The fall on this pipe was very slight and required close attention to ensure that the pipe line continued to flow.

Work was made more challenging due to the shallow wastewater pipe having other shallow services within close proximity and lateral connections that were encased in concrete.

As with all jobs involving hazardous and biological waste Blackley Constructions’ Enviromental and Health and Safety procedures were paramount for our staff while carrying out this work.

Key features of the work and/or statistics:

  • Dig, lay and backfill 389 metres of sewer main 150mm PVC
  • Remove 4 x existing manholes and install 4 x new manholes
  • Dig, lay and backfill 16 lateral connections

Key equipment used:

  • Hydrovac Truck
  • Trucks – various
  • 5T Excavator
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Tararua Alliance
Job No:
Nov 2018 -Jan 2019
213 Stoney Creek Road, RD10, Palmerston North, 4470

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