CivilRailway Road Stormwater

This job involved trenching on a diagonal across a busy main arterial route into Palmerston North. Due to the angle of the trench Stop/Go traffic mgmt was employed to manage the traffic and the safety of Blackley staff.

It was critically important that the grade of the new stormwater pipe was 100% accurate as the client would continue the trench at a later date themselves inside the property boundary to meet with a manhole already installed 100m away. Engineers from Stringfellows worked closely with Blackley staff that were undertaking the work.

The depth of the excavation meant that a 13.5T excavator was required along with heavy duty metal shoring that had to be lifted in and out of the trench to ensure staff safety during the laying of the pipe and during compaction. Confined space entry procedures were put in place for entry into the existing manhole due to its depth.

Wet ground conditions from inside the client property provided some challenges once excavation started into the berm and past the property boundary but staff worked diligently throughout the entire project to ensure the work was completed within 1 week and that normal traffic flows were restored as soon as possible.

Key features of the work and/or statistics:

  • Install 300mm diameter concrete stormwater pipe across Railway Road (approx 30m)
  • Laid to specific grade to connect with future duct line and sump 100m into client property
  • Trench 3.3m deep x 1.2m wide

Key equipment used:

  • 5T Excavator
  • 2-3 x 12Tonne Trucks
  • Safety Harness & Tripod
  • Grade Laser
  • 3.0mx 2.5m Metal Cages with adjustable struts (Safety Shoring)
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Job No:
October 2018
213 Stoney Creek Road, RD10, Palmerston North, 4470

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