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New Zealand owned and operated

Blackley Construction continues to operate after 60 years and remains New Zealand-owned and operated.

Blackley Construction is operated from Manawatū, New Zealand and has assisted in the development of over 2,000 projects – including over 10 wind farms since 1998. Originally established by Graeme Blackley, the family business was passed down to Graeme’s eldest son, Kevin Blackley – the current Managing Director. The rural and civil construction infrastructure specialists provide a range of services from civil pipe laying, farm races, underpasses, dams, water schemes, drainage, and direct cable and pipe laying systems.

Kevin Blackley states that they “were pivotal to the construction of over ten wind farms across New Zealand. From the Tararua’s in ’98, through to Turitea today. That’s over 400 turbines keeping the lights on for Kiwis across the country generating clean and renewable energy.”

The business has also been involved with the development of local city infrastructure, keeping New Zealanders moving and connected without disruption. They have also helped farmers and the environment through the installation of critical effluent storage systems, land drainage, and more.

“We look forward to continuing to provide innovative solutions to your construction challenges, New Zealand. You keep doing what you’re doing – and we’ll continue to be by your side.”

Welcome To The Team

Peter Sharpe
Peter Sharpe

We have changed things up in our management.  To allow Kevin and Nicola to spend more time doing the things they love doing, Peter Sharpe has joined the team as Chief Executive.  With Peter leading the team, it will free Kevin up to spend more time, doing his role as operations manager and spending more time with the teams on the ground.  There is even a rumour floating around about having a holiday.

So for most of our clients, it will be business as usual with the same great team on site and the same people to call.  We’ll continue to throw in all Kevin and the teams’ experience and knowledge to make sure you get a great result.

Peter joins us with a strong background in leadership and engineering roles in the civil infrastructure and rural industries.  Most recently he has been in senior management in the waste and recycling sector and so has swapped rubbish for dirt.  Peter spent time many years ago working for an irrigation and pumping company so has been there and done that with putting pipes on the ground.  However, he is a pretty average machine operator so the boys probably aren’t in any hurry to have him help out!

Outside of work, Peter supports his family in their activities, or is that being their taxis and paying for it all?  If there is any spare time, there is always a project on the go on the family lifestyle block or in the shed.


PE Pipe Welding 1
PE Pipe Welding 2
PE Pipe Welding

With recent work that we have be doing involving PE welding we have been filling the gaps in our PE welding resources.  Our great team can complete both butt and electro-fusion welding on a variety of size pipes.  We can butt weld up to 315mm with inhouse equipment, but able to access equipment or sub-contractor to do larger.  In house we can Electro-Fusion weld up to 1200.

We know how important Quality Construction and Assurance is to our customers so certified welders, data logging records and pressure testing is all part of the package we can provide.  If you want we can do just the welding, pop it place, or do the whole job for you.  We love working with our client to give them a great outcome that works for them.  We thrive on being innovative so if you aren’t sure on what the solution may be, give us a call as we are happy to help figure it out.

Of course, PE pipe is just one of the wide variety of pipes and ducts we can work with and install for our clients.
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