Effluent Ponds

We design and construct compliant effluent ponds

Regional Council requirements around nutrient management have seen Blackley Construction become involved in the design and construction of a number of compliant effluent ponds.

We use our practical earthmoving skills and civil engineering expertise to find practical, workable and economic solutions for our clients. GPS equipment is used to survey the site and earthworks design software is used to prepare the best pond solution for that site.

We have experience in constructing ponds with synthetic liners as well as constructing in-situ clay ponds. Strict testing is carried out on both liner types to ensure the final product meets or exceeds Council leakage rate requirements.

As part of building a pond consideration is usually needed around solids separation. We can advise you on the best fit (solids press, weeping wall etc.) for your new or existing system.

Our staff have successfully completed the Massey University Farm Dairy Effluent: System Design and Management programme. Our staff are able to provide advice on pond positioning and the pro’s and con’s of the different liner types.

Pond design and construction
Clay or synthetic liners
Effluent Systems
Weeping walls
Separators and stirrers
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